About Us

WA Loves Nature (WALN) was started in 2017. We are a not-for-profit organisation that promotes, and encourages the community to support, our unique and world-renowned biodiversity. We do this by creating urban nature trails that showcase the local plants, insects and animals using existing examples or street art and sculptures to feature them.

Leanne and Lisa at the Central Park nest box making workshop

Who are we?

Founded in 2017 by Lisa Edwards and Leanne Salter Jones, WA Loves Nature is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire the community to support our world-renowned biodiversity and showcase our unique flora and fauna to the world.

Purple crowned lorikeet by Hazel Martin

What we do

By highlighting local plants, insects and animals through placemaking interventions, we connect individual interventions through themed trails which include; habitat creation, signage, street art and sculptures. WALN reminds urban dwellers that nature really is all around them.

Our first nature trail, the “Bee Scene” in West Perth is the City’s first nature-based trail. The trail showcases the magic and wonder of our Western Australian native bees and consists of bee hotels, wildflower gardens, native bee sculptures and street art.

In addition to our Bee Scene project, we have undertaken biodiversity themed projects and events for Perth Airport, Central Park (office tower and park in the city) and Residential Attitudes (a home builder). We provide biodiversity sessions to companies and schools. We also provide ways for the community to support our biodiversity through workshops, such as building bee hotels and nesting boxs, and information on how to create their own supportive ecosystems in gardens and balconies.

Our Mission

A key aim of all our projects is to connect people to our unique biodiversity by developing awe-inspiring biodiversity-themed projects to ignite curiosity and educate people about how they can support our biodiversity in their own backyards.

The WA Loves Nature Team

Lisa Edwards:
Founding Director

Our Founder Lisa is an Environmental Scientist who has worked for 25 years primarily managing impacts on Threatened Species and Communities in Western Australia. Lisa also helped manage the planting of 4.2 million trees in WA’s Wheatbelt to help tackle salinity, biodiversity loss and climate change. 

Through this work it was clear that more needed to be done to help stop species decline. It was also clear to Lisa that many people did not realise they could have a positive impact on our biodiversity even in the urban environment.

Lisa started WA Loves Nature, with Leanne Salter Jones, to showcase WA’s amazing biodiversity and to help inspire and educate people on ways to support it.

Michelle Davies:

Michelle is WALN’s Project Manager with a professional background in conservation biology and is our creative activities ideas person.

Michelle is passionate about raising awareness about the wonders Western Australia’s biodiversity offers and especially loves to share this knowledge with children and young people, nurturing their appreciation for WA’s unique and beautiful flora and fauna.
Michelle has extensive experience working in conversation biology in WA in many different roles including working for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Nearer to Nature Program as well as a Science Communicator at Sci-tech.

Mel Logozzo:
Creative Collaborator

Sue Hauri-Downing:
Eco-social worker/Creative Collaborator

As an eco-social worker and artist, Sue builds relationships and facilitates connections with individuals and groups to explore ecological and social justice issues. She also provides safe spaces for art as therapy and facilitates creative workshops, focused on relationships with nature, eco-literacy, and grief and loss. She focuses on connection and urban ecological and biocultural diversity.  

Sue has 20 years of experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and her trauma-sensitive practice is dedicated to strengthening and improving the wellbeing of those with whom she works and the natural systems in which we live. She is also a current Board member of Trillion Trees Australia. She is drawn to WA Loves Nature as she is inspired by the team and the values and activities of the organisation. 

Heather Johnstone:
Urban Forest Consultant/ Advisor

Heather joined WA Loves Nature in 2022 and is passionate about nature in cities and finding ways to engage with the public to appreciate how access to nature can improve our lives. Despite living in Perth for over twenty years she remains in awe of the biodiversity that Western Australia has to offer. Working with WALN brings together her two loves.  

Heather has a Master of Urban Forestry Leadership from the University of British Columbia where she developed a community engagement toolkit for urban forestry as her capstone project. She has worked with not-for-profit Millennium Kids supporting youth led initiatives,  She began her journey through community and urban forest advocacy with Vic Park Trees, the Vic Park collective, Vic Park Urban Foresters and Western Australia Tree canopy Advocate groups. 

Her work has a strong focus on connecting communities, local governments, and stakeholders to work together and appreciate the importance of their own urban forests through establishing shared values and understanding. 

Mel Logozzo:
Creative Collaborator

Mel is a self taught habitat gardener, artist and phone photographer who believes that conservation efforts should start in our own backyards.

Connecting with her audience via social media platforms, Mel encourages simple, beginner friendly changes for those living in suburban environments who want to create sustainable, ecologically balanced ecosystems at home as a way support local biodiversity.

Mel is a self confessed, invertebrate obsessive who is fascinated by invertebrate habitats, relationships and behaviours especially nesting, predation and parasitism. She often captures these relationships and interactions through photos and film to create awareness and educate others.

On The Board

Tristy Fairfield:
Company Treasurer

Tristy has a background in renewable energy, climate change and sustainability strategy, policy and projects across government, not- for profit and private sectors. 

Tristy holds a BComm (Accounting and Finance), a MSc (Renewable Energy) and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance. Tristy has also held the position of Treasurer positions previously for Climate Action Network Australia and Environment House. 

Tristy is committed to working with organisations and on projects that create positive and lasting impact, leading the delivery of sustainable solutions that address climate change and other environmental and social priorities.

Liz Carbone:
Board Member

Liz joined the Board of WALN in 2024 and has a passion for our local environment. From a young age she lived and worked on a small family farm in the metropolitan area, developing a strong connection to nature. Promoting local biodiversity, nature-based art installations and progressive community engagement, strongly attracted Liz to WALN.

Originally trained as a union organiser and now a corporate legal practitioner with a Union, Liz also brings an extensive academic background to the Board, completing a Double Major in Public Administration and Politics, a Graduate Diploma of Development Studies (both from Murdoch University) and a Graduate Law Degree from La Trobe University. Liz has experience on several boards previously in the community not for profit sector.

Cliff Morris:
Board Member

Cliff is a highly experienced and skilled environmental scientist with a proven track record in environmental management within the energy, mining, forestry and horticultural industries.

Cliff’s background in horticulture and environmental science has taken him to varied workplaces around the world and within Australia, working with the community, government and businesses to engage and connect with the natural environment. He has been involved in major revegetation projects, greenspace initiatives in urban environments and environmental investigations for major projects.

Cliff is passionate about retaining trees and improving green spaces in urban landscapes. As a horticultural student at Kings Park in the 1960’s he was involved in the development of the Botanic Gardens and pioneering methods in the propagation of WA’s iconic native plants. Perhaps one of the original “tree huggers”, Cliff would offer one particular Lemon-Scented Gum along Fraser Avenue a regular hug. Today, the same tree offers a much larger challenge!