Quendas in Backyards

What is a Quenda? Quendas are marsupials that are roughly the size of a rabbit. In Western Australia, we have six species. The most common species found in urban areas is the Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus fusciventer). Quendas are listed as a priority 4 species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, which means they are rare due to a […]

Everlasting Love

How to add a pop of colour to boost your backyard diversity! By Mel Logozzo @rewildingsuburbia Every winter, thousands of people flock to the Northwest to witness our seemingly barren landscapes and rugged red terrain explode into a riot of colour as countless species of annual wildflowers burst into bloom, creating a spectacular technicolour carpet […]

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Native butterflies are not only a beautiful sight in your garden, they are also important pollinators of native plants.  If you want to attract native butterflies to your garden, you need to make sure you have a mix of host plants for the larva stage to feed on and nectar plants for the adult stage […]

Splendour in the Garden

On the blog today we chat to Angela from @splendour.inthe.garden about the amazing wildlife sanctuary she has created in her suburban backyard.   What sort of wildlife have you attracted? I have managed to attract four different species of frogs into my yard including motorbike frogs, slender tree frogs, western banjo frogs and the moaning […]

How to Re-wild your Suburban Garden

Mel’s Instagram page @rewildingsurbia is full of the most amazing photos and videos of native bees and other creatures that come to visit and live in her suburban garden in Lake Coogee in the south of Perth. Mel shares with her thousands of followers how she transformed her verge from mostly lawn to a thriving native garden […]