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Welcome to the WA Loves Nature Blog! This is where you can find out how to attract biodiversity to where you live. At WALN, we are passionate about telling the stories of the amazing plants and creatures that call our State home. We also feature like-minded individuals and organisations who share our mission.

Honey possum by Ton Lef

Quendas in Backyards

What is a Quenda? Quendas are marsupials that are roughly the size of a rabbit. In Western Australia, we have six species. The most common species

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Everlasting Love

How to add a pop of colour to boost your backyard diversity! By Mel Logozzo @rewildingsuburbia Every winter, thousands of people flock to the Northwest

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Splendour in the Garden

On the blog today we chat to Angela from @splendour.inthe.garden about the amazing wildlife sanctuary she has created in her suburban backyard.   What sort

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