Current Projects:

Blue Banded Bees Roosting by Eva Boogaard

Bee scene

West Perth

WALN has started work on the Bee Scene West Perth project. The aim of this project is to create urban habitat for native bees by installing native planter boxes with bee hotels.  We will also be using street art and sculpture to educate people about the critical role native bees play in biodiversity conservation.  A future stage of the project will be the linking of QR codes to the website to provide further information about each installation.


The first part of the trail is a blue banded bee sculpture, native bee attracting plants, a bee hotel and mural on the corner of Hay and Outram Street in West Perth. West Perth already has native bees visiting its existing gardens. This new native bee habitat will help boost their numbers and provide habitat for many native creatures. The trail will also help activate the West Perth streets and provide a free family activity. A Native Bee Flyer which outlines the best plants for our Perth native bees is also available from Boobook Bar.

Native bee hotels have also been installed along Mayfair Street and at Atlas Food and Cafe on Hay Street.

Samson Primary Pollinator Garden


WALN has installed a native pollinator garden at Samson Primary School. The original garden was overgrown and full of weeds but has now been weeded and planted with local native flowers that bees and butterflies love.  Part of the garden transformation has included installing a bee hotel, logs, rocks and mulch to create habitat. Native bees have been seen using the bee hotel and pollinating the flowers. We look forward to seeing the garden thrive.

Pollinator Place

Piney Lakes

WALN has received funding from the City of Melville to create the “Pollinator Place” at Piney Lakes as part of a larger pollinator trail that is being developed at the Centre.

The first stage involved planting everlasting and swan river daisy seeds. The next stage will see logs and a bee hotel installed, each with a different WA pollinator QR code.

Planting at Piney Lakes