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We love working with the community to provide site-specific creative, mindful, nature-based experiences.  Find out more about the different experiences we can provide or send us a message if you have something unique in mind.

Biodiversity Installations

We love creating installations that support habitat creation and highlight the natural biodiversity of your area. Every part of Western Australia has unique and precious natural species and highlighting them helps to create a real sense of place. Our installations also enrich community life, providing creative memorable experiences. The installations help activate quiet areas and provide a free activity in the neighbourhood.

Interpretative signage for each installation explains what people are seeing and why it’s important. QR codes on the signage can also link back to our website for further information.

Workshops and Education

WA Loves Nature provides biodiversity-themed education sessions and workshops accessible to all ages, offering hands-on learning experiences like crafting wildflower seed paper, nest boxes, and bee hotels. They also offer mindful and nature-based experiences, fostering a strong connection with the natural world and enhancing well-being.

These tailored group experiences, conducted indoors or outdoors, incorporate eco-sensory activities, nature journaling, guided walks, and more, while promoting low-waste sustainability practices.

Engaging with nature has proven benefits, including improved mood, self-esteem, sleep quality, reduced stress, and lower blood pressure, making WA Loves Nature a perfect choice for immersive and beneficial nature education.

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Partner with WALN to showcase your company’s strong commitment to the environment and responsible corporate citizenship.

We offer tailored partnership packages to suit your needs, allowing you to promote environmental sustainability and conservation to your employees and customers.

 Let’s connect and explore how we can work together to achieve your environmental goals and make a positive impact.

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